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Friday, January 6

Michael Bastian Snap Zip Cargo Pants

Extended bottom hem snap tab with two-snap option

Check out these cracking cargos from Michael Bastian. The cargo pant has experienced an upheaval and has shed a few pounds since it's heavier days. Now we are seeing sleeker silhouettes bringing a sophistication and a versatility. You see men wearing cargos in a way they didn't before, often pairing them with smart jackets or going completely casual and wearing them with a tee.

This pair from Bastian's eponymous label build on that but puts a twist on it. His take features a very utilitarian viewpoint whereby pockets are kept to a minimum and while there are a few they don't impede on the shape and only add to the style and can be removed if desired through use of the zips. Snap fasteners have been employed and are used as for both detail and functionality. The trousers are made from cotton and elastane so they'll fit like a glove and are of straight cut with a slight taper down the leg.

For me they are a bit pricey at $545 (£353) but if you're going to invest in a pair of cargos these are probably your best bet (just see what Jimmy Moore of GQ.com said about them). At the moment I think I'll stick to the pair I got from Uniqlo.

(photos from Park & Bond)

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