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Thursday, January 19

Winners Winners Winners - Fashion Forward '12

LFW is creeping up on us and as the excitement builds we're given a little insight with the help of 'Fashion Forward 2012

The scheme headed by the British Fashion Council is great. It ensures the sustainability of fresh talent, which is great for us, the industry and the world really. By supporting and promoting emerging businesses both financially and logistically through the supply of industry knowledge, this initiative has boosted the careers of: Peter Pilotto, Christopher Kane, Marios Schwab and now House of Holland, Louise Gray, Mary Katrantzou and James Long. 

I went to a lecture headed by Louise Gray, which I might say was very insightful. She's an emerging designer, she was very bold, funny and completely honest about her fashion experiences. Bold is the defining characteristic of her work. Fearless through design she mixes a little embroidery in with some print and calls it a fashionable cocktail. Energy resonates through her work as colour and pattern fight yet coexist in a wearable manner.  I think that's what I admire about her the most - the fact that she's found this happy middle, a big inter-disciplinary cacophony of fashion and textiles that's become her aesthetic. Not just anyone can rock her clothes. You have to be willing to make a statement and take a lot of heavy stares but you'll be looking damn hot. 

When asked, "How would you describe the Louise Gray woman?"
She replied, "Ultimately, someone who is fun".

There is fun to be had in 2012 why not dress for the occassion.

Great to see her supporting friend Henry Holland. 
Check out the 'House Of Holland' fuzzy earrings. 

(Sources: LFW.com, youtube)

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