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Sunday, January 1

Plans for the year

Happy New Year everyone from both Georgina and I. Last year was a great year for us and we're hoping that the only way is up.

As I mentioned before the blog will be going through a number of changes which I hope will push us in terms of content creation and in turn both inform and inspire you.

There are a number of tools that we'll need in order to enable us to do this including but not limited to:

Acquiring an arsenal of cameras
For effective content creation we're going to need a way of capturing the images we'll be presenting to you. They are currently:
    • Nikon D7000 (body only) with a 35mm f/1.8 lens and hopefully from there move onto an 86mm f/1.4 lens when I get some more funds together. This will be the main camera used for the portrait work we'll be doing and some of the shoots.
    • Pentax ME Super. I'm not too sure what lens I'll get with this but I definitely want something with a longer focal length than the lens I'm gonna get for my Nikon.
    • Yashica T4. I have been hunting for this rare rare camera with it's Carl Zeiss lens and noteworthy reputation for taking beautiful images. It's available on eBay and will probably be the first one acquired. This'll be used for general photography.
    • Fuji Instax 210. For outtakes.

Own domain
Pretty self explanatory. We're taking this project seriously and even though widespread recognition isn't expected at least we know we're taking full responsibility of everything we produce and can use it as evidence of our skills in future.

Quality content creation
We are fully committed to providing content that will surpass expectation and push our skills. All work we produce will be our own. Of course the entire project is a learning process so you will definitely witness growth and mistakes which we will learn from and improve. I personally want to integrate every technique I've learnt over the years such as GIFs/cinemagraphs, video and creative direction in terms of composition, typography etc.

These all are very achievable goals and am already taking steps towards making them happen. Hopefully you all will stick and around and see the fruits of my labour.

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