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Sunday, February 19

Blue Eyed Girl...Carol Wiseman

It's finally LFW. In a midst the jungle of heels I had the opportunity to talk with one talented individual, Carol Wiseman.

Carol, a designer, part of the House Of Blueeyes family and jewellery designer in her own right, is contemporary, dedicated and a visionary having crafted some of the most beautiful jewellery I have seen. She is on the up, having been recognised by the likes of stylist Jane Howe and having pieces worn by the iconic performer and musician Lady Gaga. 

House Of Blueeyes started in 2008 by artist and fashion stylist Johnny Blueeyes, who, having shown four times at London Fashion Week pioneered change by holding the first fashion show at a festival, 2009's Latitude Festival. Unconventional is the word to sum up the brand with a philosophy at its centre that put into an sum equates to - 'heaven on earth'.  The brand itself is on a break, whilst the individual designers take advantage of their creative capacity. I hope when they are back they continue to challenge the sometimes uniformity of fashion and bring back individuality, so you and I can reconstruct, deconstruct do what ever the heck we want with our identity. 

GIA: Where did you go to study?
Carol: I went to Glasgow Art School and did silversmithing and jewellery there, and then I took a year out and went to Central St Martins and did my MA in Fashion there. 

GIA: What kind of advice would you give to those going on to higher education to study within the fashion industry?
Carol: I would say you definitely need to work hard, and be really aware. I mean get a good knowledge of the fashion industry, whether it be of fashion designers, stylists, photographers, really research a lot of stuff. Anything that inspires you , it's good to carry a notebook around with you wherever you are so you can make notes on anything that you see. Stick it in, take pictures, do what you can. You have to be prepared to work like 15 hours a day, even more sometimes and you've got to be prepared to work in your own time not just your institutions hours. 

GIA: We know that you have been apart of the House Of Blueeyes family for a while, are you still working with them?
Carol: Yes I am. At the moment though the creative director Johnny Blueeyes is away touring/ Styling Lana Del Rey, which means he's taking a break which means it's being put on hold for the next couple of seasons. But we're all still doing our own projects and still working together, as for a collaborative effort I think probably next season we'll all get together and do a show and bring back the energy of The House Of Blueeyes.

GIA: How has your experience been working for Johnny Blueeyes and The House Of Blueeyes?
Carol: Oh it's been really fantastic. In fact I think I would say Johnny Blueeyes is a really inspirational stylist. Obviously he's involved in music and fashion, but it's just he's all about having fun and experimenting and making people feel good. Thats the most exciting parts. It's all about people that just enjoying dressing up and putting on pieces that may be really conceptual or way out there but they can do it and enjoy it. 

GIA: Was it your biggest moment, Lady GaGa wearing your designs. 
Carol: Yes it was! I wasn't expecting it to be honest. I knew that she had borrowed some jewellery and liked it, but had no clue if she was going to wear it. She had taken it for a photo shoot or a video , but they didn't use it, but she took it with her to the MTV VMA's because she really wanted to wear it. It was a really nice surprise coming into work the next day and a friend telling me she had seen Lady GaGa wearing my mask. I was very proud, yeah.

GIA: Has that moment boosted your career in any way?
Carol: I think, umm I don't know if it has boosted my career but it has definitely enhanced my portfolio and awareness of me as a designer. I've had a lot of online interest and a lot of bloggers interested.

GIA: And you have a website coming as well ?
Carol: Yes I do, Yeah. It's in the process, so hopefully that'll be, well yeah. I'm launching a collection in September for SS13. That'll be the launch of my own collection. 

'It was a really nice surprise coming into work the next day and a friend telling me she had seen LADY GAGA wearing my mask' - Carol Wiseman 

GIA: Spring and summer are on there way, what are your favourite SS12 trends whether it be clothing  or jewellery?
Carol: I'm really into the whole fact that jewellery and accessories are getting much bolder and bigger. Also it's interesting seeing jewellery elements applied to unusual parts of the body. It's not just a necklace, it's not just a bracelet. I like the fact that fashion and jewellery are having more of a cross over now. Thats one of the biggest trends i'm enjoying. 

GIA: Whats your favourite place to put jewellery? As I recall you had an eyebrow jewel which was pretty epic!
Carol: I do really like working on the face. I think that spans from me being really interested in scarification and people that decorate their skin in a different way. Obviously the face is a centre point, but I really enjoy the shoulders. I think though my next challenge is the legs, as I haven't really thought about that so much. I did however do one of my MA final collection pieces as a leg piece, but i would love to explore that more so! 

GIA: Who is the best stylist you have worked for ? Or project you have been put on commission for?
Carol: I once made a dress out of a chandelier which was a really fascinating project for the stylist Jane Howe. 

GIA: Yeah I've heard of her she is really amazing.
Carol: Yeah she really is, I really enjoyed working with her. The project was really intriguing for me as a designer, so that was great. I also really like working with the stylist Hector Castro who, I really enjoy his way of working and I find him quite inspirational. 

GIA: Would you say you work off of spontaneity or more reflectively? Or are you more so a person that just see's that, or takes something else and decides to incorporate it? 
Carol: I dont think I could say I work in a certain way. Because I think sometimes i'll see something and i'll be inspired and i'll make something and other times it's about setting myself a project and working through it. I wouldn't want to restrict myself to a category uniquely , I just think everything you think or create. I mean you are always creating in your head anyway and I think whatever works for you in that certain point of time or within that project, just go with it  with whatever feels right and whatever is good for you. 



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