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Tuesday, January 24

New York Fashion Week FW 2012 Schedule

Right now we're caught up in a whirlwind. Men's fashion weeks took place in Paris and Milan and right now we're in the midst of couture week with the likes of Christian Dior, Iris Van Herpen, Didit and Yoshiki Hishinuma. New York Fashion Week is the first of the four major week long events, it is also the most commercialised of all the fashion week's in my opinion. I'm particularly looking forward to Nicholas K, J. Crew, Richard Chai, Timo Weiland and Ralph Lauren.

Expect as with all the other fashion events, we'll be covering them. Retrospectively of course, giving our views and all that.

Peep the schedule below

Grab your cards - YMC Sale

Until recently, embarrassingly, I didn't know there was a YMC store in London. It wasn't until I went looking for bargains in the sale late last year that my friend and I happened across it. YMC short for You Must Create took initial inspiration from work wear and has since evolved into a highly significant export of modern British menswear. They produce timeless, expertly tailored and exciting clothing. According to their website they "follow the Corbusian precept that form follows function. The results, free from fads and fripperies, are as close to timeless as clothing gets."

Since discovering their London store I have been keeping a very close eye on their sale and I've picked a few choice items that perhaps you guys would like to look at.

[all images via ymc]

Yellow cagoule, £75, sizes S - XL

Camouflage Butt Pocket Trouser, £90.00, sizes 28 - 36

Pleat Front Chino (olive), £90.00, sizes 28 - 36

Classic Selvedge Chino (navy), £90.00, sizes 28 - 36

Gloverall Coat (aqua), £205.00, sizes S - L

Hunting Sweat (grey), £75.00, sizes S - XL. Featuring a suede shooting patch on one shoulder, a detail imitated by many other brands.

YMC v Chapman Camping Rucksack (orange)£225.00

Suede Brogue Desert Boot (olive), £135.00 , sizes EU40 - 45

Victorian Work Boot (mid brown), £115.00, sizes EU40 - 45
Take a look. I hope that they do further reductions so I can pick up a few of these things for Spring.

Red Wing x Nigel Cabourn

American shoe maker, Red Wing and British menswear designer, Nigel Cabourn join forces on a line of boots. Cabourn is known for his non adherence to trend and spectacular outerwear and Red Wing are known for their commitment to high quality footwear, and together they have created some truly classic staple boots. Featured with army green Harris Tweed lining and deep green leather shoelaces and eyelets, The Munson Boot is available in two colors: Light Brown Hawthorne Muleskinner and Dark Chocolate Muleskinner. Everything that has put into these boots contributes to a quality product that lasts.

[images via and here]

Monday, January 23

Tommy Ton living that floralife

If you remember my post about Mr Tommy Ton's Pitti wardrobe you'll remember my ravings about the Miharayasuhiro coat he owned and wore over a Andrea Pompilio jacket.

I've managed to dig up a close up of this bad boy and I just get more jealous the more I see it because I want it so much. The close up shows the rose print in more detail. To me, it looks like they've been screen printed and that process has been repeated over and over to create this. I'm a total sucker for floral print and this coat just blows my mind.

image via

Words to live by

A philosophy I live by. Definitely something I derived my
Invest to spend less
 way of living. Always buy quality and you'll have them so much longer than you would that cheap fleeting thrill of having something new.

Sunday, January 22

It's Second Semester

We're all back at uni and the festivities have definitely cooled down, it's time to be serious! There is however always time for fashion. A move by one designer is very timely I think in meeting the social calendar of her audience. This is Ms Jil Sander. I'm not one for toned down attire but her craftsmanship and attention to the female silhouette is remarkable. Since leaving her mark on the industry in 1978 with her eponymous label Ms Sander has gone on to explore her creative abilities in fashion.

As we all know her +J collection and relationship with Uniqlo has come to an end. I do believe she was completely suitable for the brand and their signature of easy to wear everyday style as a consistent minimalist aesthetic resonates throughout her collections year after year. 

Her Pre-Fall 2012 collection is a subtle reworking of the classic collegiate style of dressing. Her mark has been put on it, with the use of a minimalist colour palette which is very appropriate for A/W. Oversized silhouettes and nipped in waists at points are featured to accentuate the figure, a look that is chic and mature. Brought subtly to life with not only the interesting use of cream, deep red and royal green, in the place of traditional Greek insignia words such as 'Promise' and 'Silence' are lightly embroidered on the back of jackets and collars further strengthening the connection between the theme of the collection and the traditions or more so 'rules' of sisterhood and sorority.

Consisting of coat-dresses manipulated into varsity jackets, voluminous tweed skirts and monogrammed jumpers the collection has me heading happily into the classroom. A wonderful reminder of the how her relationship with simplicity brings something extraordinary and fashion forward.


(photos source fashiongonerogue.com)

Saturday, January 21

Tommy Ton packs for Pitti

Tommy Ton, international street style photographer extraordinaire, based god, style icon, inspiration etc etc. This man has done a lot for style shooters out there and with reason. He's great. Not only that he's got great personal style. Mr Ton recently went to Pitti Uomo to shoot style for Style.com and GQ with the latter doing a feature on what he took. I'm gonna choose my favourite pieces from Tommy's suitcase.

All images from GQ

Vintage Miu Miu varsity jacket, Valentino varsity jacket
Bean Pole x Kim Jones jacket, Junya Watanabe Fair Isle jacket. I'm living for the Junya
Miharayasuhiro rose print camouflage parka. I think I have a floral addiction because this is perf.

I really love the first pair and the Miharayashiro pair, of course. It says 'all Dries van Noten' but I think it may have been labelled wrong.

Both Andrea Pompilio. I knew I had to watch this guy for a reason.

clockwise from top left: Yuketen, Dries Van Noten, Mark McNairy x Union, Beams x Clarks, Marni, Grenson x Barbour. Love the Yuketen, the NcNairy's and the Clarks. I think I can still find the Beams collab somewhere, might have to search.

New Balance 574. Got a pair ordered.

This man. This man. This man. Impressive is not the word.

On my list - Gitman Bros. Vintage

Check this shirt that Tres Bien Shop shot during Pitti. As a heritage line Gitman Vintage looks to the past to provide us with distinct garments in the now, the team looks to old line books for inspiration and from that are able to make authentic interpretations. That print they chose for the shirt is simply brilliant, it screams Brokeback Mountain and really is unlike anything you've ever seen. It's that good. This shirt is loud enough by itself so you'd probably want to wear a muted pallet elsewhere so you don't distract from this fantastic piece.

Sierra Designs + Apolis

Apolis Film: Sierra Designs + Apolis, USA Project from Apolis on Vimeo.

I love this. One of the reasons I support quality, heritage products.

Friday, January 20

The Watch List - Uniqlo x Undercover

This is happening this year. I've been extremely impressed by Uniqlo's offerings over the time I've been shopping there (a long f'ing time). They offer quality at a price point not found anywhere else on the high street. I mean where are you going to find 100% for under £100?

Uniqlo teamed up with German designer Jil Sander for the The +J collection, which was launched in 2009 and won 2011 Brit Insurance Design Fashion Award, but after numerous seasons boasting better and better offerings the two split ways and the final collection made its foray into stores this Fall/Winter season. I recently picked up a jacket from that collection and really wanna show you guys because first, I'm extremely proud of myself for actually plucking up the courage to buy; second, it was a steal and third it looks ace.

Now Uniqlo seem to have developed a taste for collaborations and are now planning a collection with renowned Japanese label UNDERCOVER. The Undercover brand was started in 1989 by the designer Mr. Jun Takahashi, while he was still a student at Bunka Fashion College. In 1994, the brand appeared in the Tokyo Collection for the first time, achieving instant popularity. Undercover Co. Ltd. was established in 2000.

From the announcement press release:-
The collaboration pieces are planned to be launched in Spring 2012, with the opening of flagship store in Ginza, Tokyo.
According to the press release it seems we won't be waiting long until we see the first pieces. I for one and both excited and in saving mode.

ANTHEM Store, London

ANTHEM store in Shoreditch London by Helmstyle from Helmstyle on Vimeo.

ANTHEM is a new menswear store that opened it's doors to the general public in August last year. Much like Present, Oi Polloi and End Clothing they stock garments from different brands from around the world, all of which, as they state in the video, they source themselves. The store was founded by former Liberty menswear buyer Simon Spiteri and his business partner Jeremy Baron. What I like most about these guys is that neither has a fashion background - Simon worked in the City and Jeremy was in marketing, so everything they've put into this shop is from a place of meaning which seems to give this shop a sense of soul.

The store stocks labels such as Comme des Garcons Homme Plus, Rag & Bone and Japanese labels like Vlas Blomme and Nanok from Norway. If that wasn't impressive enough this new store, that opened 4 months ago no less, has world exclusive Kapital from Japan. They are the only stockists outside Japan. How boss is that? Not only that these two guys are wonderfully stylish and understand the merit of brands when it comes to quality, like Simon said "you'll buy a [45rpm] jacket and you'll have it for 20 years but it'll get better the more you wear it".

These two guys are doing/have done exactly what I want to do. They're building relationships with brands and gaining knowledge along the way but at the same time they're introducing a whole other facet to British menswear.

I'll definitely have to visit it sometimes because both Simon and Jeremy look like incredibly cool guys and I'd love to have a chat with them.

On my list - Brooks Brothers Dillon Quilted Jacket

I can't tell you why I love these bright colours so much, there's something about them. I guess I like to pop. This jacket from Brooks Brothers is currently on sale on their website and is well worth a look if you're in the market for a lightweight quilted jacket. This particular jacket is in this grand ol' sunshine yellow with a contrasting brown trim on the sleeves and collar.

Check out the images below.

Thursday, January 19

Did I mention I like location shots?

In my ramblings about Begun Yetis I know I mentioned my awe at her great location shots. Yes, I am a big fan of hers but location in general is my love. Just to show y'all how much I love it here's a few of my own. 

In The Shuffle.

I am still very amateur but I really enjoy the challenge and adrenaline you get from working with what's around you. I learnt a lot on this shoot, lighting, framing and styling wise.

I hope to improve in photography and be doing amazing editorials in 1883 or AnOther magazine in the future. Whether it be in the roles of stylist, designer or photographer. The possibilities are endless x