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Saturday, October 1


It's my birthday month and usually around the time when my fall wardrobe is dusted off and primed for wearing. This year it doesn't seem to be the case. I'm not too sure what the reason is for this belated Summer but I'm partly enjoying it and suspicious at the same time. The thing is that weather in the UK can be very erratic in that one day it's cold and rainy and the next it's sunny and balmy which can throw even the most organised man into disrepute in terms of his decisions of what to wear.

I am one of those guys who gets thrown into a bit of a tizzy when choosing what to wear when the weather is this up and down.

At the moment I'm wearing chino shorts in order to give my legs some air as denim can pose a problem when it comes to hot weather although cuffing them is an option wearing shorts will cool you down a lot quicker rather than just giving your ankles a slight airing.

On the in between days when it's warm but there's a slight breeze oxford cotton button downs has been keeping me both warm but at the same time not sweaty when i'm out especially my short sleeved one from Gap.

As always I opt for no socks and my black Vans have definitely helped me through. I really want a pair of white shoes that'll help reflect some heat from my feet and for sure will be donning some Tretorn Nylites in the coming month.

This month will certainly be interesting in terms of what style choices I make because I never know how the day will pan out.

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