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Monday, March 11

The 20/20 Experience - Review

This'll probably be a one time thing but I've really delved into music this year and it's really changed my appreciation of it so it's great to hear an artist return in such a classy and inventive way that I had to write something. I'm a big fan of Timberlake and hearing Timbaland return to form with one of his best collaborators is great too.

I’m not sure what to call the return of Justin Timberlake; a return to form it is not because he’s never not been on, but I feel as though we’re welcoming him again. Welcome Justin Timberlake.
He’s been gone for 6 years - a lifetime in pop music and sometimes people forget about you, just ask Christina Aguilera, but he’s managed to stay in the public eye through a string of movies and appearances in SNL but never once in those 6 years did the 32 year old say when he would return to music, arguably the thing that made him the household name he is today.
But 2013, a year of comebacks it seems, sees Justin team up with long time collaborator, Timbaland, and Jerome “J-Roc” Harmon to produce what has become one of the most anticipated releases of the year. And for just cause. Timbaland, a producer who rose to prominence in the late ninties with his eclectic and futuristic break beat production, has flagged in demand and quality through the 00s but this album sees his work evolving, embracing warmer, organic sounds together with his trademark style to create something new and somewhat exciting to hear from a man 27 years in the industry.
Interestingly, there are elements that Timberlake has used in the past that have been drawn upon to put his stamp on this 10-track offering. He’s slid himself in nicely in the post-R&B landscape ushered in by newcomers, such as Frank Ocean and Miguel, and in some respects Usher with his recent collaborations with producer, Diplo. There are abstract themes that allude to steamy encounters and altered mind states, but doesn’t let you into the entirety of it. The productions lend to this, Timbaland, as mentioned before incorporates more organic sounds such as the hand-drummed beats on ‘Don’t Hold The Wall’ and some Asian influences, that are sexy and lulling, perhaps gleaned from one of his better productions, ‘Bombay’ from his Shock Value album.
Timberlake is a skilled vocalist (and beatboxer) and really shows off his abilities, with his swooping falsetto on opener ‘Pusher Love Girl’ and impeccable phrasing and some incorporation of his beatboxing skills on ‘Tunnel Vision’ where Timberlake takes on the role of director in a private movie.
The album does lull a little because of the length of the songs and the slight lack of uptempo tracks (Slight in that there could be 1 more) but who wouldn’t want to hear Justin Timberlake croon over sparkly grooves for an extra minute after the excitement of the party dies down?
Beyoncé stated in her 2013 documentary, Life is But a Dream, that ‘people don’t make albums anymore’ and they ‘put out a bunch of little singles’ that burn out, fans and casual listeners alike will be pleased that Timberlake and crew have made a cohesive, exciting and cinematic record where he carves himself a comfortable spot in the ever changing pop landscape and if this man can bring electricity to a track as sparsly produced as the closer ‘Blue Ocean Floor’, then I can wait another 6 years for another album.

Wednesday, October 17

My Brief Hiatus

Dear Readers,

I get it - you hate me. It's understandable though, not being around for almost a good 2 months can do that. As you guys know, or may not know, I recently made the move to study in the States and as of August 18th I've been living in Long Beach, California. So as you can imagine I've been super busy adjusting, crying and studying but I'm on course now so I'm giving you some love and some updates.

I had an amazing time in New York and miss is dearly and completely get why people love it so much. I've never been in an environment, maybe apart from London, where my interests are so expertly catered for. There was no shortage of kitsch vintage stores in the Lower East Side, no shortage of tailors (literally they were on every corner, I don't think Google Maps knew what to do with them all) and certainly no shortage of places to drink. It's funny to me that after all those years I've spent in front of the computer reading blogs and looking at pictures and wanting to be in those places and finally I was there. I visited Self Edge which was an experience in itself and took cheeky picture of the sign to remember it and it came out wonderfully. I got pieces tailored on Orchard Street opposite Epaulet, a place that got my heart racing and made my bank account sweat like never before. I walked across the Williamsburg Bridge, hung out in Williamsburg, hung out in Harlem doing hoodrat shit. I worked on my photography which is always great because you can never be too good of a photographer. I had so many experiences that'll stay with me for a long time.

This blog will be a reflection of those experiences and my new lease on life - New York really brought me to life. I'll be back shortly, I promise, I just want to make sure that what I'm putting on here is in line with what I love and not just because it popped up in my inbox, I'm in a place now where I'm improving my skills and making moves and getting recognition for what I've worked on for more than a year now and I think it's time to take my blog and make it into something special.

I hope you guys will stick around for the journey.

Sunset in the Lower East Side

Wooster Street Social Club, SoHo

Inside Opening Ceremony

Outside Self Edge

Stylish girls in the West Village

Friday, August 17

Beautiful Fül SS13

This is one of those moments that articulating my awe and telling you guys what I like and what I don't like about a collection becomes really hard. I am so floored by the imagery and the collection itself that I don't think I want to get up. If I had a bed with a projector screen I'd want these, on a loop playing as a I go to sleep so I could dream about it.

Beautiful Fül isn't a name I've heard before today, and it'll assuredly not leave my head anytime soon. They managed to capture the easiness of the West Coast and edge and sophistication of the East. There's interplay between print and subdued colour here which I like and the styling is more than on point.

The imagery is on a whole other level, as much as it's supposed to lend to the clothes everything kind of meld into this incredible cauldron of insane awesomeness that...I can't. Lawrence Schlossman saw the collection in person and in his post about it on Four-Pins described as 'Castro by way of Miami on crack' which is probably the best descriptor possible. Since spending a little more time behind the camera I am beginning to appreciate the artistry that goes behind something like this - I mean the colours, lighting, composition and just everything seems like it was thought out but doesn't look like it if you get what I mean. Effortless but looking like it required all the effort in the world.

This is amazing and I'm so excited to get out to California and possibly seeing this stuff up close.