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Thursday, January 5

A Bathing Ape x British Millerain

British Millerain, in it's 100 year history, has established itself as a leading manufacturer of waterproofed cotton and breathable fabrics. You can be assured that anything made using materials from British Millerain will last you a lifetime. Now they have teamed up with Japanese superbrand A Bathing Ape on a duo of great looking jackets. The first of which is The Oiled Cloth Classic Sport Jacket which will come in yellow, navy, beige, and red and features contrasting collar, wrist and waistbands. The The Oiled Cloth Mountain Parka will come two toned in - red and beige, black and navy and navy and yellow. Both feature large pockets on the front with the Sport Jacket sporting snap fastening and the Parka looking like it'll have velcro.

Both jackets look great and should be available around Spring this year.

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