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Wednesday, October 17

My Brief Hiatus

Dear Readers,

I get it - you hate me. It's understandable though, not being around for almost a good 2 months can do that. As you guys know, or may not know, I recently made the move to study in the States and as of August 18th I've been living in Long Beach, California. So as you can imagine I've been super busy adjusting, crying and studying but I'm on course now so I'm giving you some love and some updates.

I had an amazing time in New York and miss is dearly and completely get why people love it so much. I've never been in an environment, maybe apart from London, where my interests are so expertly catered for. There was no shortage of kitsch vintage stores in the Lower East Side, no shortage of tailors (literally they were on every corner, I don't think Google Maps knew what to do with them all) and certainly no shortage of places to drink. It's funny to me that after all those years I've spent in front of the computer reading blogs and looking at pictures and wanting to be in those places and finally I was there. I visited Self Edge which was an experience in itself and took cheeky picture of the sign to remember it and it came out wonderfully. I got pieces tailored on Orchard Street opposite Epaulet, a place that got my heart racing and made my bank account sweat like never before. I walked across the Williamsburg Bridge, hung out in Williamsburg, hung out in Harlem doing hoodrat shit. I worked on my photography which is always great because you can never be too good of a photographer. I had so many experiences that'll stay with me for a long time.

This blog will be a reflection of those experiences and my new lease on life - New York really brought me to life. I'll be back shortly, I promise, I just want to make sure that what I'm putting on here is in line with what I love and not just because it popped up in my inbox, I'm in a place now where I'm improving my skills and making moves and getting recognition for what I've worked on for more than a year now and I think it's time to take my blog and make it into something special.

I hope you guys will stick around for the journey.

Sunset in the Lower East Side

Wooster Street Social Club, SoHo

Inside Opening Ceremony

Outside Self Edge

Stylish girls in the West Village

Friday, August 17

Beautiful Fül SS13

This is one of those moments that articulating my awe and telling you guys what I like and what I don't like about a collection becomes really hard. I am so floored by the imagery and the collection itself that I don't think I want to get up. If I had a bed with a projector screen I'd want these, on a loop playing as a I go to sleep so I could dream about it.

Beautiful Fül isn't a name I've heard before today, and it'll assuredly not leave my head anytime soon. They managed to capture the easiness of the West Coast and edge and sophistication of the East. There's interplay between print and subdued colour here which I like and the styling is more than on point.

The imagery is on a whole other level, as much as it's supposed to lend to the clothes everything kind of meld into this incredible cauldron of insane awesomeness that...I can't. Lawrence Schlossman saw the collection in person and in his post about it on Four-Pins described as 'Castro by way of Miami on crack' which is probably the best descriptor possible. Since spending a little more time behind the camera I am beginning to appreciate the artistry that goes behind something like this - I mean the colours, lighting, composition and just everything seems like it was thought out but doesn't look like it if you get what I mean. Effortless but looking like it required all the effort in the world.

This is amazing and I'm so excited to get out to California and possibly seeing this stuff up close.

Thursday, August 2

Uniqlo x Undercover Men's FW12

Uniqlo's recent collaboration with Japanese uber street label, Undercover, may not have been met with the fanfare from the public and blockbuster sales that their previous collections with Jil Sander did but from elsewhere there was measured appreciation. At first, I was unable to understand the concept Jun Takahashi and growing fast-retail giant, Uniqlo, were going for when they wanted to 'dress the family', because it's not something I'd expect them to do. Admittedly, as a fan of Undercover, I was underwhelmed by the offerings - a feeling along the lines of what I got with the Versace x H&M collab but that's a different story. I still very much enjoyed the offerings but at the same time I thought more of the essence of Undercover could've been brought over. Additionally, many of the offerings for women were more attractive, at least for me, than what I would get buying the menswear.

Perhaps after regrouping and re-strategising Jun and Uniqlo decided to throw out the rule book and throw us Westerners in at the deep end. Whilst still accessible, the new looks for the upcoming FW12 collection definitely take things to a new level. The collection carries nuances of an urbanite, attempting to block out the cold whilst remaining stylish. Subtle interplay with fabrics and texture - something I've identified as decidedly Japanese - is present in the outerwear. Military influences in the colour pallet with navys, maroons and olives creating cohesive looks.

UU Utility coat (Warm lite liner) with corduroy accents and faux fur trim 

The looks were styled by the man himself, Jun Takahashi, and give some inspiration as to how to put these clothes together (should you go head to toe). I'm really liking the Utility coat, the wool blend cargos and the sweat pants but I'm not sure how they'll fit into a West Coast wardrobe. I guess I'll have to find a way. Something that wasn't in the first collection was footwear so it's nice to see a nice basic pair of sneakers with a slight edge to them being introduced.

The collection drops in stores in August, in the meantime more photos (including the women’s and kids looks) are on the UU Collection Site as well as on Pinterest.

Wednesday, August 1

LC: Men Take Two

The second edition of London Collections: Men takes place on January 7-9, 2013, the British Fashion Council announced today, July 31. The BFC has also appointed Dylan Jones as on-going Chair of the menswear showcase. Initially engaged as Chair of the 2012 menswear committee to support the launch of the event, this new role sees Dylan working alongside the BFC to lead the charge on developing London Collections: Men as a biannual event; the appointment is initially for a fixed term of two years and will encompass four seasons. Each season he will re-focus the menswear committee, comprising industry professionals. Those joining the committee for the next event are Adrian Clark, ShortList; Anda Rowland, Anderson & Sheppard; Douglas Booth; Grant Pearce, GQ Asia Pacific; Paula Reed, Harvey Nichols; Robert Johnston, GQ; Tracey Emin and Tom Hiddleston.

US fashion designer Tom Ford has announced he will present his menswear autumn/winter 2013 collection during London Collections: Men in January. The event will take place at the design headquarters in London and the retail delivery will coincide with the opening of the debut Tom Ford flagship store on London's Sloane Street in the autumn. Tom Ford Menswear was established in 2006, and other current projects include dressing Daniel Craig in the upcoming James Bond Skyfall film, out later this year. London Collections: Men runs from January 7-9, 2013.

Friday, July 27

I Want to wear T-Shirt Party for the rest of my life

Refer to the title.

I've been on a t-shirt kick for a hot minute now - I can't get enough of them. There was a time that I'd not go near a printed t-shirt. I know now that was a phase. Ever since I bought a UT 10th Anniversary Graphic T-Shirt from Uniqlo, I've been on a hunt for the best in printed tees. 

I have this but in white

My friend, Shanice, works with a guy who has a t-shirt company called T-Shirt Party, and it wasn't until this afternoon that I finally took a look at his offerings. They're fantastic. All I can say is that they really know how to pick their images and give them a meaningful context. I saw one at the NTS office yesterday that I fell in love with that I'll try and cop before I head off on my travels.

Jump over to the website and their Tumblr to see more and check out my favourites below.

I saw this one at the NTS offices last night and fell in love. I think it's the flowers.

[all images via tsp]

Fan Optics Launch

I'm sure you've experienced it - that unexpected drop in your inbox that puts a smile on your face. That was me when I got an email invite to Fan Optics Launch event that took place yesterday.

Held in the beautifully laid out and somewhat secret McClintock shop in Covent Garden it was a small task to find only because my friend and I got lost. Luck was on ours and their sides as the day was warm and transitioned into a lovely, balmy evening.

Complimentary drinks and great music provided the perfect backdrop for the inaugural collection of exquisitely crafted Fan Optics eyewear made right here in England - the brain child of graphic designer, Sarah Coburn and product designer Guillaume Furminger. It was wonderful getting to chat with Sarah for a little bit over some rosé, my friend, Shanice, was able to talk to her on a more relatable level as she's had experience with wearing glasses and contacts so for her the collection provided a fresh alternative to the somewhat generic styles you'd see from Vision Express or Specsavers.

Shanice, at one point quipped that 'shopping for glasses is like shopping for jeans - it's hard' and it really is, if you don't get the perfect pair it's going to throw off anything you're trying to achieve with your look. The collection featured six styles of optical and sunglass frames handmade in 3 different acetate colour ways. Whilst all the frames were fantastic you always pick a favourite of anything right? My favourite was the Colby frame (Colby meaning coal town), in the matt black. Striking and classic.

Sarah stated that they set out to create something that was unique and of the highest quality and the brand tries to steer clear of being generic and run of the mill and I think they've achieved that. I really enjoyed myself and it's given me a taste for these kind of situations where I can gain greater insight and talk to new people and that so yeah.

Check them out on their website, Twitter or Facebook. Whilst you're doing that peep the rest of the photos I took from the event below.