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Thursday, January 12

The Watch List - Cheap Monday

Late Thursday afternoon, I was casually strolling though Liberty's, because I'm always astounded by how much they manage to fit in that store without it looking, well, like TK Maxx (nothing wrong with it). I came out on Carnaby Street and I spot the Cheap Monday logo. Could this be the sign of a new store opening. I'm certainly crossing my fingers and toes. 

Cheap Monday is a brand that I love simply because it started secondhand and small then decided to go big or go home. This is all thanks to the genius of Örjan Andersson the creator of the Cheap Monday 'Tight' style jean. World domination has really been key since the expansion of the brand from denim to full collections in 2005.

The 'white skull' of Cheap Monday has been imported from Sweden to stores in Birmingham, Manchester and Selfridges, London. Feeding us it's representation of youth, our fast living and love of freedom,

Their Spring/Summer '12 collection encapsulates a 'bad ass' vibe. Loving the vertical block striped jean, they are on my watch list fo'sho!

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