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Thursday, January 12

The Watch List - I Love Ugly

Any naysayer who ever doubted the work of designers from Australasia should zip it. Australia and New Zealand are becoming a melting pot of some new and very exciting labels, one of which I've featured on the blog before - Vanishing Elephant. It seems the people behind these clothes are not afraid of colour or pattern because they use them in abundance but don't make anything look overworked, it's quite fascinating. The brand I will be focusing on for The Watch List is I Love Ugly.

I Love Ugly was the child of founder Valentin Ozich's conflict over whether he should continue making music or concentrate more on his visual art. Ozich began to fuse his visual art style with t-shirts, a venture that proved successful and led to the formation of a full menswear line. In January 2011, Ozich and Barnaby Marshall, whom he met in his t-shirt packing days in 2008, found office space and have since made I Love Ugly their main focus and aim to create a menswear brand recognised not only in Australasia but the world.

The line has the stamp of an artist with crazy prints, slim cuts and subtle and thoughtful detailing. They also put spins on old classics like sailor stripes and the bomber jacket.

Here we have a floral short sleeve shirt. Great fabric and wooden buttons for a luxury finish. Detailing includes button down collar and a simple monochrome floral lining

An example of the thoughtful detailing I mentioned. Contrary to its Plain Jane name it's anything but. A simple black singlet but with the added dimension of floral lined arm holes.
I Love Ugly's own take on the classic sailor tee. Using contrasting colours and spaced stripes they have managed to reimagine this staple piece. Longer cut with a relaxed neck.
Check out I Love Ugly at their tumblr and main site.

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