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Monday, November 14

UAHHHHHH breathe

I've started a Foundation Diploma in fashion and as you can imagine it is more intense than probably planning your own wedding. I do love it though, it's just at times I can't think. I mean literally no thought goes through my head. I just have to remember that there's a ground beneath me and a future ahead of me. I never want to be the girl that doesn't get her work did, and I always want to bring ME into my work. This week for instance, I was placed in that limbo, where everyone was telling me I couldn't do this and couldn't be that. BULL! I will be what I want to be and do what it is I need to do constantly so somebody, anybody know's who I am but more importantly what I love. I know that means more work than even I could imagine handling (social life not excluded). I aim to do this by consistently incorporating my interests and varying styles and enhancing skills. 

Well really as my new project weeks starts, I've come to the realisation that I'm always going to be becoming, ever-evolving and recreating who I am. So it's okay not to be uniquely chained to one artistic medium, or not to know who you are right now in or out of fashion (speaking very personally) because just as you think your getting to know that person you would have matured right into another one. Embrace the change. Love the change. Display the change. 

Hitler, Decorate, Delicate.


Styled/Photographed - GIA
Embroidered neckpiece designed and made by GIA.

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