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Thursday, January 12

Untitled by Raffaele Ascione

Raffaele Ascione has cemented himself as a firm fashion favourite. After completing his MA in Womenswear at Central Saint Martins he is wasting no time climbing up the ladder, having shown his Autumn/Winter collection at London Fashion Week last season. 

The Untitled '11 collection displays his adoration for and understanding of female silhouette. His collection features nipped in waists and a-line plummeting calf-length skirts. Personally, I see elements of Amish tradition and a fencing flare. The exaggeration brought through by the paneling and sharp colour contrasts boosts the theatrics of the pieces making them abrupt but beautiful. There's nothing more interesting than blending texture. Patent, wool and lace make appearances also. Subtle details in contrasts of cream and burgundy keep the collection contemporary and artistic in a sense, by assuming the building of a sculptural structure. Hinted again through the asymmetric outward flaring of the panels. The collection is a bridge between between a vintage silhouette and contemporary design allowing the two to coexist naturally. Truly beautiful. 

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