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Thursday, April 5

When in Japan

jamesrmcnally has been a wealth of information and a trove of images of Japanese fashion for years for me. I've been told by various people that fashion from the Land of the Rising sun tends to stay there and unless you're willing to fork out you'll probably never get your hands on them unless you go there yourself.

I always pay a visit to this site when I'm looking for something different to show to people and I'm gonna put together some of my favourite pieces I came across today.

Engineered Garments (エンジニアード ガーメンツ) Poplin Over Parka

SASQUATCHfabrix. (サスクワァッチファブリックス) Eo To To Cropped Flower Pant

South2West8 (サウスツーウエストエイト) Deer Camo Cropped Pants

Undercoverism (アンダーカバイズム) I4301 Coat

Mt. Rainier Design (マウント レイニア デザイン) Jacquard Quarter Leggings

Nepenthes (ネペンテス) Floral Golf Jacket

Nonnative (ノンネイティブ) Dweller Ankle Cut Chino

rehacer (レアセル) Mask Shirt

Trove (トローヴ) Heather Sweat Pants

White Mountaineering (ホワイトマウンテニアリング) Yarn Dyed Hunting Shirt

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