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Monday, April 2

Edwin East

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Edwin is the latest in a long line of brands that are setting up shop in up and coming East London, brands like A.P.C. have opened up on a street right in the epicenter of menswear in London, Red Church Street and this trend seems to have no sign of slowing down with more and more well known luxury brands pushing for store space. Edwin are in good hands with shops like 3939, Anthem and Present around so after you're finished there there is plenty to explore.

The brand has over 60 years of experience backing their iconic denim but you won't find any of that old school in the design of their new store. Simplicity is the name of the game where metallics meet wood and clean lines are abundant throughout. The jeans are organised according to fit and shelved accordingly so you can easily find that new pair you'll probably being wearing until they're well and truly destroyed. 

I'll definitely have to pay a visit to this store at some point whilst I'm back in London, I have a feeling that I may need to find a replacement for my 508s. It's either these Nudie or A.P.C.

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