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Monday, April 2

Lewis Leathers Universal Mk 2 Jacket

If you were to ask any man who their style icons are I could bet a tenner that one of their top however-many would be Steve McQueen. A documentary about him was named 'The King of Cool' and to many he was just that. He was the epitome of masculinity in his peak years - he rode a motorcycle and raced cars, he played badasses in film and did his own stunts. What I liked about him was his great sense of style, it had an air of simplicity and he looked put together but at the same time like it took no effort at all to put together a look.

One of the McQueen staples was a jacket he was photographed wearing - a Lewis Leathers Universal Mk 2 jacket which entered the D Lewis production line during the late 30's and remained in the range until the mid 1960s. He would frequently visit the store nearer the end of filming for The Great Escape and was photographed by Lynn Wineland on 26th May 1963 at the Greenhorn Enduro (a 500 mile race across the Mohave Desert) wearing it.

Since then however, as you could imagine, the jacket went out of production. Luckily, the jacket has gone back into production with painstaking re-creation and attention to detail even down to the zips. The updated version has cotton plaid lining and black cotton twill along the placquet. What is better still is that when the jacket is ordered it is made according to your measurements.

The updated Lewis Leathers Universal Mk 2 jacket is the perfect opportunity to own something iconic, you can read up on the history here, read more and buy it here. It's not cheap by any means but come on, it's something Steve McQueen wore.

Images courtesy of Richie over at YMC

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