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Monday, April 9

Grab your cards - Junya Watanabe Man FW10 M51 Fishtail Parka

Whilst on Tumblr I discovered this little gem. I'm sure if you use the site and follow anyone who talks about menswear you might have seen this at least once, it is coveted, revered and high sought after. It's a parka from Japanese brand, Junya Watanabe and the fact that it's a FW piece from two years ago means that it is rare. Rare not only because of when it was made but the size as well, this particular one is a small. You're sure to be hard pressed to find something like this, at this price and size. The jacket is in this great olive colour - very appropriate for Fall and on the back it has a panel made from a flannel-esque material. It is lined with camo print and has brown leather elbow patches as well as a contrasting blue fabric split on the sleeves. This jacket is something you're likely to come across maybe once or twice. Check it out here and see the images below. Also a side note the website it comes from, Lost & Founds is great for finding other great pieces like this so check that out too.

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