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Wednesday, April 11

Spring Essentials

It is upon us, Spring is here. You probably couldn't tell if you're a fellow Brit with all the wet and cold weather but it is going to warm up, I pray. The post I did about my fall essentials fared much better than I thought and a lot of people read it and I hope got some inspiration from it. I'm doing it again, but this time for Spring.

My idea for this Spring is to try some simple outfits but want to put some spin on them with some print and extra little bits here and there. To make the process quicker than it was last time I used my Svpply to put together a collection of my must haves for the upcoming season.

  • New Balance 574. I need a pair of casual runaround trainers that can take a beating. I'm not sure on the colour but I know that I want 574s. They're lightweight and they come in a number of colours and with a pair of rolled up jeans or chinos they'll look great.
  • Nike Free x Liberty. I'm not entirely sure (because I can't find it) but I think Raf Simons said that it's more radical to change your body that it is to change your style. Also you look better in clothes the fitter you are. That is why I'm investing in a pair of running shoes, and I've gone with Nike Frees. Not just any Frees though I'm talking about the recent collaboration with Liberty. I went into Liberty last week Saturday to try them on and despite the fact they're for women the biggest size fit me and I made the decision then and there to get them when I have money. The print is really great and it's an interesting spin on the classic shoe. I say that but there is still the possibility that I may just opt for a regular colourway.
  • Paul Smith Bicycle embroidered shorts. These are the only shorts I want for S/S, they're so awesome and upon closer inspection at Liberty they look really great up close.
  • Printed shirt: Wood Wood Paradiski, Gitman Vintage Union Jack. As you've probably seen there is a  wash of printed shirts out there but if I was choosing one it'd be a subtle pattern like these two shirts from Wood Wood and Gitman Vintage. With the Olympics coming around I would love to show my patriotic side with the Union Jack shirt, it is simple yet has a twist.
  • Monocle. I want to read more magazines, Monocle is a great one to start with.
  • Vans. My black vans have served me well but they are looking a bit worse for wear with the heel of one of them starting to collapse so I think a Spring wardrobe revamp calls for a new pair. I really like this red because it's not super bright but more deep and almost blood like.
  • Schott NYC Pioneer jacket. I think that his jacket is perfect for the cold nights you might encounter. The colour is versatile and will work well with my 508s.
  • Bass Weejun Penny Loafer. Everyone needs a good pair of loafers and at this price point they're probably the best you're going to find. In this burgundy colour I'll probably be pairing them again with my 508s and my chinos.
  • Uniqlo Perfect shape chinos. I have a pair of chinos, they're alright but I really want a pair that fit a bit looser. The colour of this pair from Uniqlo is light and can be paired with a number of different garments. I've tried them on before and they fit me well on the thigh and the rise is perfect but I'd certainly want to get them tapered so they fit a bit more snug around the ankle.
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