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Wednesday, February 29

New York Fashion Week in 5 minutes

Have a look at this great video done by Liam Goslett of gaws and liamsawthis fame. He and a group of other menswear bloggers including Noah Emrich and Lawrence Schlossman descended upon the shows and managed to capture and create some really great content covering what happened on the streets and in the shows.
This is the entirety of my week. New York Fashion Week in 5 minutes. 3600 digital frames. Everything I saw from the street. There’s no shows, just the streets. This is all of it. Whipping by at 1/125th of a second, which is my usual shutter speed. This is how fast I saw things, and this is how fast you get to see it. 
It's so great. Hopefully, during my time in Long Beach I can save up and hitch a flight with my trusty camera and shoot street style at the next NYFW. Fingers crossed.

NYFW FW12 from lgoslett on Vimeo.

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