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Tuesday, February 14

Great finds - A Heritage Archive

I've been watching ASOS Marketplace since it was launched in 2010. One of the first stores that caught my eye was Volklore, who I'm currently drafting a post for, and loved their unique aesthetic and the fact that everything was made by them. Now, after a recent trip back to Marketplace I've discovered this little gem, A Heritage Archive.

They're definitely up on the explosion of people buying vintage pieces for the fact that you can get great quality, one of a kind garms for a fraction of their original price. After taking a look around I've spotted a few key pieces that 1. I was very surprised to see and 2. you should definitely buy because you probably won't find them anywhere else.

A Heritage Archive's stock reflects a simple aesthetic, focused on quality, and includes items from Pendleton, Sierra Designs and Belstaff.

I'm really excited to see where this boutique goes because they're stocking some of the best stuff on the site. Check out the pictures below and see the store here.

Belstaff Derwent jacket

Sierra Designs Body Warmer

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