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Wednesday, February 22

Syle Icon: Tommy Ton

I've written about Tommy Ton a bit here and here's a great piece Park & Bond done about him and his personal style. For me he's really big influence and a source of inspiration in terms of style and what he's doing. I like the fact that he carries over his "unerring eye for color and the details" for his street style photography over to how he puts himself together. I mean check this dude out.

I look up to him for the fact that his style shots are unlike most others, there's more colour, more detail and textures. Like most street style photographers he prefers a his subjects not to pose and often you'll see them in movement, which I love because, though it sounds corny I feel as though he's capturing what has long been a notion of the industry that it's constantly moving. 'Always somewhere to be', 'no time to talk' if you will. I'd love if what I was doing now brought me into the same space as this man because it would be great to talk to him. Below you can read an excerpt from the interview which can be found in full here.

How would you describe your own style? The best word to describe my style is “schizophrenic.” It’s all really dependent on my mood, and I do like to jump between a preppy minimal look or something more layered and rugged. 

Whose style inspires you most?  (Bonus points for not saying Steve McQueen, Paul Newman or Connery-era 007.) I'm actually really obsessed with [YSL designer] Stefano Pilati. If there is anyone I wish I could photograph more, it would be Stefano. He has such a refined sense of elegance. He wears the oversized cocoon-shape coat better than anyone else, and it's never too much with him when it comes to color, print or embellishment. 

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