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Monday, February 13

YMC Spring/Summer 2012

Titans YMC are gearing up to release their Spring/Summer 2012 collection and have taken to the archives for inspiration. Re-creating the carefree and gaiety of days gone by they are looking to both simplify and liven up a man's wardrobe though colour and pattern.

The fabrics they've chosen are light and will keep you cool during the more balmy days this coming Spring/Summer, these include - silk, light cotton and canvas. The colour pallet is kept quite simple ranging from deep reds and blues to khakis and cool greys. The collection also re-imagines some staple pieces such as the Striped Boating Blazer and the Camo Short. 

I really like the references that underpin some of the looks such as the Lake District and Home Counties to the Cote D’Azur of the Jean Paul Belmondo movies of the late 1960’s, and the Italian Paninari of the early Eighties - the Milanese and Torinese scooter boys and girls who inspired everyone from football casuals to the Pet Shop Boys. All of this is done with YMC's meticulous eye for detail and adherence to a more timeless aesthetic rather than a faddish point of view.

I'm really excited to see when the collection hits stores in a few weeks. Check out the lookbook below.

[images courtesy of YMC, big thanks to Richie]

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