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Friday, March 16

UU x Uniqlo collaboration now live

The much anticipated collaboration between Jun Takahashi's Undercover label and Japanese super retailer, Uniqlo has been released in the UK. The collection went live for people to buy at midnight and I'm very impressed by what I've seen. There's an easiness about the collection and there's also an edge that is no doubt inspired by Takahashi's work with Undercover. There's a lot of cropped pants that are ideal for the warming weather, there's a lot of interesting play with shapes and patterns (see the shirting) and in line with Uniqlo's usual aesthetic - a really great range of colours. 

I'm hoping that this partnership continues because as with Jil Sander's work with the company I'm guessing that the best is yet to come. I hope that Takahashi takes more of a risk and we'll hopefully see some of the more unique designs he's done play a part in future collections. Take a look at a few of the choice pieces that I like below and peep the full collection at Uniqlo.

UU Easy Pants 

UU Hooded Blouson+

UU Sweat Full Zip Hoodie 

UU Cargo Cropped Trousers+ 

U Check Long Sleeve Shirt A+ 

UU Tote Bag

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