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Wednesday, March 7

On my list - SASQUATCHfabrix Eototo Flower Panel Shirt

I'm not going to bore you with the whole 'y'all know I loves me some floral fabrics' spiel because you all know how much I'm into my patterns and clothes that are so loud they can't be worn in museums, so we'll skip that.

Anyway, I was perusing jamesmcnally and came across this shirt. It's by a Japanese brand called SASQUATCHfabrix who churn out some of the most maddeningly amazing stuff I've ever seen, but what else apart from praise can you give the Japanese? They are constantly somehow marrying the more refined aesthetic with psychedelic patterns and shapes and they play with proportion in a way that makes that you have to be pretty damn near exactly the same as the models that wear their clothes to pull it off. It's both frustrating and amazing at the same time. They've recently been collaborating with another Japanese brand called The Inoue Brothers and from what I've seen of that it's pretty darned cray (in the best way).

Seriously, this shirt is an amalgamation, a fusion, a marriage, the offspring of everything I love. It's a button down, one. It looks like it has some weight to it, I'm assuming it's cotton. It's quirky in that just the sleeve is patterned. But the thing I love most, especially on the off-white variant - the pattern itself. It looks like it's been painted onto the fabric with watercolour, the colours are delicate and feminine in a way which is a contrast to the masculinity of the rest of the garment. I absolutely adore this shirt.

I also tracked down another piece they did that I dig. It's this varsity-esque piece that sets itself apart with it's unique combination of materials. An outer constructed with this midnight blue wool, cowhide leather sleeves and gold quilting on the inside. Such an odd mix but it so works.

images via here and here

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