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Sunday, March 18

Things I can never have - Workers Floral Warden Parka

While curating the Tumblr I came across this pretty little piece. The garment is made by a Japanese label called Workers and get this, it's handmade to order. Constructed using 5.2oz cotton and flax (which is derived from the flax plant or, as it is sometimes called, linseed). Worker suggest ordering a size bigger than your usual because the jacket is washed to finish it. I am seriously in awe, I mean, it's made by hand and has this great print. I love the contrast between the orange, blue and green and the nice big pockets. It does conjure up images of the latest Supreme collection, especially the hoodie but if I'm being honest I'd prefer this. At 27100 JPY (which is about £200) you'd be hard pressed to find another jacket of this quality at that price.

I tried a direct translation (cough google) to see if there was any other information about it. This is what I got:
花柄パーカーにコバートのベーカーショーツ。  やはりこちらは夏です。上下共に薄く、織りが粗いのである程度風を通します。  やはりTシャツの上にこんな羽織り物が夏らしいのではないでしょうか。
Baker floral shorts Covert to Parker. This is still summer. The thin,both up and down through the wind to some extent, because the coarse weave. What is not it went her summery things like this still on top of the T-shirt. 
If you want to make me jealous for the rest of my life hop on over to their website and check out their other wares.

This is what the jacket looks like on.

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