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Friday, September 9

Colour Part 1

I've been mulling over the contents of my wardrobe for a while now paying particular attention to colour. I've always been a sucker for simplicity in the spectrum of colours in my wardrobe, I'm drawn to blues, blacks and whites. These can form the foundation to build an outfit around but in my case they'd be my outfit. I can count about 5 black tees, a mix of plain and ones with graphics (the latter I've been meaning to get rid of), 6 white tees plus 2 plain white shirts, these are a mix of v and crew necks, long and short sleeve.

There was a time when I'd look at my clothes and think wow how uninspired is this. So over the past few years I've been trying to inject some colour into my quite drab wardrobe through shirting, denim and basics such as t-shirts and socks.

I think it's really important to have bold colours in your wardrobe to add that an extra dimension to an outfit.


Socks are a great way to start especially with a cuff in trousers or denim to show it off. Uniqlo have great options for all budget conscious shoppers
(Shoppers in the UK can get 4 pairs for £9,90 so stock up)

Heather nickel

J.Crew have some great marled socks in 4 different colours (two here that I'm probably going to get myself). These would be great to wear for Fall Winter with a pair of boots or wingtips or brogues.

Here's a great example from the street style blog STYLECLICKER of how a person can spruce an outfit by just wearing a pair of great socks.
A great pair of orange socks contrasts well with the more subdued colours of the rest of the outfit


It's possible to be even bolder and make a statement with coloured bottoms be it chinos, denim or corduroy. A bold coloured bottom can be paired with plain white tennis shoes such as Tretorn Nylites, Vans or Superga or if you're going for a more formal look you could try brogues or oxfords.

Noah (NOVH pairs a burnt orange pant with blue Mark McNairy for Inventory suede bucks)
1. Rugby by Ralph Lauren vintage chino university pant in green 
2. Gap fresh olive khaki 
3. Land's End canvas slim fit cords in merlot
Part two will be up soon.

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