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Sunday, September 11

On my list - Fall Essentials

Autumn is fast approaching. I can already feel the drop in temperature and have noticed it getting darker. A change of season means of a few things - school will be starting soon and it's time for a new wardrobe or at least a rejig of what you already have.

I'm definitely in the market for some new pieces to add especially items that I can layer and that I can wear in snow, rain whatever this fall winter throws at me. I can say in all honesty that I'm definitely a layering virgin, not to say I've never tried but I don't think that I've ever succeeded.

Red Wing Style No. 875 6 inch boot
I've been eyeing up this pair of Red Wing boots specifically the 875 style for a little over a year now but I can never get enough together to buy a pair (they run at £199+). I look at these shoes as an investment, when I finally get around to buying them I'll just close my eyes and hand over my debit card because I know I'll have these for a long time coming. At times I've worn shoes that've hurt my feet after walking in them for a while but when I tried these on in Office for the first time I made a mental note that they were probably the most comfortable boots I'd ever worn. They're made with a crepe sole which is really light and can give me the height boost and support I desperately need. The colour also helps because it can practically go with everything. Bottom line is having these will mean dry, comfortable and warm feet for a number of cold seasons to come.


I learnt about Lands' End a while ago, an established brand that while affordable provides excellent quality. I've been looking over their wares and found a pair of slim fit cords in merlot (a purple-y red colour). These would be a great addition to any wardrobe due to the fact they're in a colour that people may avoid because it may be a bit 'loud' and they look roomy enough to wear thermals underneath should the weather be a bit nippy

Lands' End Canvas slim fit cords in merlot

In desperation I ventured into Topman late last year (more on why it was an act of desperation in a later post) to acquire a pair of black jeans because I had none and back then my denim collection was small. I still have them to this day but after a mishap bleach ended up getting on them, near the hem leaving an orange spot. I have been searching for a pair of quality black denim jeans but I've learnt that this can be a rarity seeing as most dye indigo jeans over and over which means that when/if they get washed they will fade to blue. So I began a long and fraught search to find black denim and I found them in the form of these A.P.C. Petit Standard jeans. They're constructed using unwashed selvedge black denim meaning that over the lifetime of you wearing them they form to your body and crease along your creases and really become your own. Should you need to wash them they won't fade as fast as a pair you might buy from somewhere like H&M. They're definitely on my wishlist for FW because I know that I'll have them for a while and becoming a student it'd mean worrying less about possibly having to acquire a new pair of jeans because my cheap ass skimped and they get torn or something.

1. A.P.C. Petit standard jeans black 
2. A.P.C. New cure raw indigo
Warm stuff

This is bad but I've never actively sought knitwear or anything along those lines, coats have always been my best friend. As time has gone on I've realised that I really need to invest in stuff I can layer because wearing a t-shirt under a coat isn't always the best look.

I've found this as a cheap option to get me started. It's a wool blend Uniqlo shawl collar cardigan

Uniqlo heavy gauge shawl collar cardigan (brown)

There's a YMC crew neck with leather patches that has caught my eye but that price woah I'd have to wait until sale time. I'd love a workshirt and some more flannel to further warm my body.

+J is in it's final collection and there's a particular coat I'm swooning over. Additionally Barbour has some great jackets, as we know and I'm drawn to one that's in the new Steve McQueen collection.

Uniqlo +J wool pea coat

Barbour x Steve McQueen Mulholland Quilted Jacket

Other bits and bobs

I recently bought 15 (yes fifteen, one five) pairs of socks 5 pairs each of thick black and white socks and 5 white sports socks. I really want some coloured socks which I've decided are the Uniqlo ones I mentioned in my Colour post and perhaps some of these if I can get a hold of my Red Wings.

Beams+ Japanese marl socks
I hope you like my Fall Essentials as much as I'm gonna enjoy them when I get a hold of them.

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