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Monday, September 26

On my list - Mark McNairy for Tres Bien Shop

Mark McNairy is a man I've been paying very close attention to. His recently revealed New Amsterdam apparel collection really had me excited because it showed a real forward thinker, someone not tethered by trend. I paid particular attention to his ability to mix patterns yet at the same time being able to make an outfit look classic and understated.

I've really wanted to own a pair of his footwear because that's what really got him his name and from what I've heard and read they are the pinnacle of quality. This particular pair have been made in conjunction with Swedish boutique Tres Bien Shop and though they are out of the realm of possibility for me now but I'm willing to wait and save to own these.

Mark McNairy for TBS Navy derby, 100% Suede leather, Goodyear welted natural crepe sole
Crafted in England

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