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Friday, July 27

I Want to wear T-Shirt Party for the rest of my life

Refer to the title.

I've been on a t-shirt kick for a hot minute now - I can't get enough of them. There was a time that I'd not go near a printed t-shirt. I know now that was a phase. Ever since I bought a UT 10th Anniversary Graphic T-Shirt from Uniqlo, I've been on a hunt for the best in printed tees. 

I have this but in white

My friend, Shanice, works with a guy who has a t-shirt company called T-Shirt Party, and it wasn't until this afternoon that I finally took a look at his offerings. They're fantastic. All I can say is that they really know how to pick their images and give them a meaningful context. I saw one at the NTS office yesterday that I fell in love with that I'll try and cop before I head off on my travels.

Jump over to the website and their Tumblr to see more and check out my favourites below.

I saw this one at the NTS offices last night and fell in love. I think it's the flowers.

[all images via tsp]

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