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Friday, June 1

I'm back

Hi, guys. First, can I express my gratitude for all your support with this project and coming back and reading and your emails, thank you. Second, my extended hiatus from writing has been due to exams, just letting you know that they're all done and I've done well in all my modules this semester, I'm still waiting on one set of results but I remain confident that I killed it.

Also a life update. You may or may not know that I will be moving to the US in August for a year as part of my university degree, I will be visiting New York, maybe Michigan and I'll be setting in Long Beach, California for my studies. Fortunately for me I have a nice chunk of change coming my way that'll help me afford a camera. I'm really excited to develop a new skill and hopefully have you all along for the ride.

Thanks again and lets get back to this.

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