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Friday, June 29

Katie Eary Digital Print Tees

I've gained an appreciation for Katie Eary since finding out she collaborated with Topman and helped  reinvigorate the denim jacket along with a selection of other designers including one of my favourites, Mark McNairy. Recently I came across her website and subsequently her webshop or the Digital Pop-Up Shop. Wasn't ready for what was there. Eary has taken the recent trend of animal print and gone to a whole other level. She has printed four t-shirts featuring cheetahs and hawks, not only that she's become a scientist and bred the chawk - half cheetah, half hawk - and done that too.

The t-shirts and vibrant and artistic and would go great with block coloured pants, basically go simple everywhere else if you're gonna wear these. Or if you extra adventurous go with print elsewhere. Each t-shirt retails for £125 each.

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