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Friday, August 17

Beautiful Fül SS13

This is one of those moments that articulating my awe and telling you guys what I like and what I don't like about a collection becomes really hard. I am so floored by the imagery and the collection itself that I don't think I want to get up. If I had a bed with a projector screen I'd want these, on a loop playing as a I go to sleep so I could dream about it.

Beautiful Fül isn't a name I've heard before today, and it'll assuredly not leave my head anytime soon. They managed to capture the easiness of the West Coast and edge and sophistication of the East. There's interplay between print and subdued colour here which I like and the styling is more than on point.

The imagery is on a whole other level, as much as it's supposed to lend to the clothes everything kind of meld into this incredible cauldron of insane awesomeness that...I can't. Lawrence Schlossman saw the collection in person and in his post about it on Four-Pins described as 'Castro by way of Miami on crack' which is probably the best descriptor possible. Since spending a little more time behind the camera I am beginning to appreciate the artistry that goes behind something like this - I mean the colours, lighting, composition and just everything seems like it was thought out but doesn't look like it if you get what I mean. Effortless but looking like it required all the effort in the world.

This is amazing and I'm so excited to get out to California and possibly seeing this stuff up close.

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