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Thursday, December 29

On my list - Vibram soled footwear

Viberg - Old Oxford Two Tone Suede
Photos from and available @ F R E E / M A N 

Everywhere you look these days you're going to see at least one example of chunky soled footwear. Today on my excursion to the sales I saw many examples ranging from boots to regular dress shoes like these Vibergs.

The sudden rise in the popularity of this style, at least in my humble opinion, is through the power of the internet and influential taste makers because if we look back you'd be hard pressed to find a pair of shoes soled like this outside of independent brands.

Vibram, founded in 1937 and still going from strength to strength can owe this success to the widespread adoption of its soles into other areas of footwear, notably casual and fashion. The company prides itself on it's durable and versatile vulcanised sole which initially was utilised for climbing and now can be thanked for the long-lasting quality of your favourite shoes, be them Red Wing or Tricker's.

Tricker's Summer '10 @ Present London
Vibram wedge

Even if you find a pair of thick soled shoes, check the bottom, if it's not Vibram then it's really not worth buying. You maybe drawn in by the price tag of an imitation but nothing is comparable to the quality of the original.

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